The Illusionary Universe: Part 1 – An Animated Video

This week, I have tried an experiment:  I have developed an animated three-part video entitled “The Illusionary Universe.”  Parts one and two describe some of the fascinating discovers of modern science which parallel the views of Eastern philosophy and have important spiritual and religious implications.  Part three animates the current theories on how the universe […]

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“Out of the Body”: Part 2

    “Out of Body”  –  Part 2 Two Unappreciated Memory ‘Miracles’. I am sadly old enough to remember the prehistoric days before the invention of the laptop computer and Internet. What impressed me most as an early Internet user was the speed with which the Internet software and hardware could search for a single […]

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“Out of the Body”

Part 1:  “Near Death and Out of the Body Experiences” Introduction Today’s post, the first of a two-part article, moves on from exploring ideas on the meaning of the universe to asking another vital question in philosophy and religion – “can consciousness and memory exist independent of a living neuronal network in the brain?” The […]

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Planets B to Z

“There is no planet B. There can be no Plan B because there is no planet B,” UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in his Stanford University Address.   Introduction Since my early years as an amateur astronomer when Sir Patrick Moore, the famous British Television presenter, writer and astronomer, allowed me to use his telescopes, I […]

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Blog 6: Science and Religion

 “Science and Religion – Strange Bedfellows?” “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.”  The Tempest by William Shakespeare Over the last five centuries, science and religion have certainly been ‘strange bedfellows’ and caused supports on both sides of the argument considerable misery and uncertainty. 1.       The Great Debate It is a warm summer’s evening on […]

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