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Each week, I will be writing new blogs that explore the nature of human consciousness and the many fascinating links between Eastern philosophy, the paranormal, and modern science. Hopefully, my over thirty years of experience as a research scientist and university lecturer in astronomy, cosmology and the biological sciences have helped me in this quest into the unknown.

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The Mother of All Questions.

What is the most fundamental question that can be asked in science, religion and philosophy?  Is it what was before the big bang, how did life evolve on earth, or is there intelligent life elsewhere in the universe?  My first blog suggests that this question is:

Can human consciousness exist independently of an interconnected system of brain neurons?

To the atheist and sceptic, the answer to this question is an obvious resounding no: these unbelievers are certain that human consciousness and memories are blown out like a candle flame by the wind of time and mortality. My blogs over the coming weeks examine the strong evidence that this pessimistic and materialistic view of the ‘human condition’ is simplistic, unscientific and just plain wrong. As Shakespeare’s Hamlet so eloquently put it, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Please play the following two-minute video gives a short preview of the topics the first few blogs on this website will explore in the coming weeks.


The blogs pursue the theme that studying the abnormal is often the key to understanding the normal.  There are very few natural radioactive elements, but studying these types of atom a hundred years ago brought an understanding of the atomic structure of all elements. Our blogs suggest that studying authenticated examples of the paranormal is the key to understanding normal human consciousness.

Thinking in the Rain.

Many long years ago, as a postgraduate student, I was sitting on a rocky shore on the Isle of Cumbrae, in the Forth of Clyde, Scotland  near the Millport Marine Biology Research Station.  The island is famous for its bioluminescence which flashes in  scintillating waves of blue light as the incoming waves break against the shore contrasting with the silver starlight in a jet-black sky.  Kicking my legs in the incoming water stimulated the minute single-celled flagellate, Noctiluca scintillans, to emit even brighter bursts of light strong enough for me to read the small print of the Fritjof Capra’s newly published book, ‘The Tao of Physics’. 

Noctiluca scintillans - CopyBeach Biolumn 2

It was an appropriate book to read in the bioluminescent wave light since one of the book’s themes is that everything in the universe, including apparently solid matter such as the rocks on this beach, are composed of waves. As it began to rain, intersecting bioluminescent ripples produced by rain drops landing on the sea swell suggested to me the waves of consciousness that lap incessantly against the cellular shores of brain neurons in the intercellular ‘sea’ between brain neurons to generate, in some  mysterious way, human consciousness.

Final Pond Ripples

Over forty years later, that night shoreline image flashed into my mind as I began programming a simulation to illustrate the wave/electromagnetic theory of memory and consciousness that we will discuss in future blogs.

The first three articles on reputed reincarnation featured in this website suggest that whatever its physical nature, consciousness and memories can indeed have an independent existence and survive outside the network of brain neurons of the living human body.

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Link to Blog 1: The Ripple Tanks of the MindLink to Blog 1: The Ripple Tanks of the Mind

Then if you have the time, please read one or more of the amazing cases of reincarnation which are highly relevant to our discussion of human consciousness.

Link to Reincarnation Article 1: The Tibetan Tea Cup

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  2. Fascinating look at approaching the after-life and truly a difficult topic to discuss and draw any conclusions about. Craig Gilley, M. Ed., Case Mgr.,Board Member, & Investigator Trainer, The P.A.S.T, is Present-Yakima Paranormal Team